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Increasing Nottingham's Research Impact: Event Materials

The following information are leaflets, presentations and Webpages produced in support of the Nottingham repositories and open access event October 2007. They are collected here as an aid to UK based repository developers and administrators as well as those around the world. Please see copyright details concerning these items and their re-use at the bottom of this page.

For details on the event, see this page.



Delegates gather Delegates wait Bill Hubbard welcomes delegates
Bill Hubbard speaks Bill Hubbard details the event Richard Masterman speaks
Bill Hubbard speaks Mark Samson speaks Mark Samson speaks
Jerry Roberts speaks Jerry Roberts presents Stephen Pinfield speaks
Post-event delegates mingle with SHERPA team    


The text of these items, and elements of them, may be reused or repurposed in fair use for legitimate and nonprofit based advocacy of institutional Open Access repositories. However, rights to all graphical images, icons and illustrations are reserved by the individual institutions and may not be reused without first seeking copyright permission from them.

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