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Canadian Cancer Society


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Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) /
Société canadienne du cancer (SCC)

Country: Canada
Open Access Archiving | Open Access Publishing | Data Archiving Policy | Key to OA Ticks

Publications Policy

Open Access Archiving

Open Access Tick Whether to Archive: * Requires deposition in Open Access archives
No Open Access Tick What to Archive: * Any publications
* Full text
* Unspecified format
No Open Access Tick When to Archive: * At the earliest possible opportunity
* Acceptable embargo: up to 12 months after publication
  Where to Archive: * On the authors' own websites (Example)
* In appropriate institutional repositories (Example)
* In any appropriate repository (Required)
* In named repositories... (Example)
* PubMed Central (Example)
  Archiving Conditions: * [No information]

Open Access Publishing

Open Access Tick Whether to Publish: * Requires publication in Open Access publications
  Where to Publish: * in a peer-reviewed open access journal (Example)
  Publishing Conditions: * Costs of open access publication may be reimbursed by the Canadian Cancer Society


  General Conditions: * Effective for all new projects from 01-Jul-2009
* The Canadian Cancer Society encourages compliance for all earlier projects
* Applies to all projects funded totally or partly by the Canadian Cancer Society
* Where a publishers embagro exceeds 12 months, researchers must inform the NCIC of this limitation and the paper must be made freely available as soon as possible
* Incorporating the former National Cancer Institute of Canada/ Institut national du cancer du Canada as of 1st February 2009
* From 209 to 2013, the required embargo period was 6 months
  Policy Links: * Open access policy
* Politique de libre accès [Open access policy (French)]
* Open access policy FAQs
* À propos de politique de libre accès [Open access policy FAQs (French)]

Data Archiving Policy

  Whether to Archive: * No policy for deposition in Open Access archives
  What to Archive: * Unspecified data
  When to Archive: * Not specified
  Where to Archive: * Not specified
  General Conditions: * [No information]
  Policy Links: * [No information]
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