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Launch of UKCoRR

SHERPA Plus is pleased to announce the public launch of UKCoRR - the UK Council of Research Repositories; which will hold its inaugural meeting in Nottingham on Monday, May 21st, 2007.

UKCoRR will be an independent professional body to allow repository managers to share experiences and discuss issues of common concern. It will give repository managers a group voice in national discussions and policy development independent of projects or temporary initiatives.

For further information, see the UKCoRR Launch information page.

Launch poster

Purpose of UKCoRR

Developments over the past few years have meant that there is now a large and growing body of professionals engaged in repository management, development and maintenance. These new activities have been introduced in different institutions in different ways, with varying levels of support and resource. As repositories grow in recognition and importance, the role of the repository manager will also evolve and it is important that we can grow together as a community and learn from each other and our experiences.

Part of the inaugural meeting in Nottingham will be discussion about the future direction of role of UKCoRR and what repository managers as a professional community would like to get from the group.

All UK-based research repository administrators are being invited to come to the meeting to discuss issues relating to managing and expanding their repositories and their own roles: not just advocacy, but issues of training and support, policy and professional development.

The intention is for UKCoRR to develop as an independent body: we are grateful to JISC for the seedcorn funding for the initiation and launch of UKCORR as a development from the SHERPA Plus project.

Supporting events

There are a number of events being held in April and May across the UK of interest to repository administrators which will feed into UKCoRR discussions. Delegates to these events will have the opportunity to feed into the development of UKCORR as a new national body designed to enable, support and coordinate research repository practitioners across the UK.

These events will focus on the issues and challenges currently faced in the workplace by Repository Managers working in HE and will be primarily interactive and discursive in nature, with the intention of identifying issues and requirements facing us as professionals.

As part of the SHERPA Plus project, SHERPA is holding a series of half day roadshow events across the UK. Attendees have an opportunity to contribute to the UKCORR discussions, with the series ending in St Andrews on 11th April.

A further two regional events are planned to further expand on the issues that have been raised so far and to gather thoughts and opinions. Colleagues in the South West and Wales will be contributing to UKCoRR through discussions at meetings already announced to the regional community.

For further information on these evnts, see the UKCoRR feeder events information page.

This coverage of events in Scotland, Wales, the SW, the North/Midlands and the SE should mean that there will be an event close to you for your contribution. If you cannot get along, then we will be circulating a brief discussion document to all repository administrators whose contact details we have, to ask for their input. If you would like to make sure you are included on this list then do contact us.

For further information, see the UKCoRR Launch information page.

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