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OpenDOAR reaches its’ 2000th Repository

SHERPA Services is delighted to announce that the OpenDOAR directory now boasts over 2000 repository entries from across the globe.

OpenDOAR welcomes DSpace в БелГУ, from Russia as its 2000th repository.

As OpenDOAR forms a major quality target resource for services such as the  OpenAIRE Deposit Service and  OpenDepot, 2000 entries is a significant step forward in enabling the global virtual repository network to cooperate in new and innovative ways.

OpenDOAR provides a comprehensive, authoritative and quality checked list of institutional and subject-based repositories. In addition it encompasses archives set up by funding agencies like the National Institutes for Health in the USA and the Wellcome Trust in the UK and Europe.

What is OpenDOAR?

OpenDOAR creates a bridge between repository administrators and the service providers which "harvest" repositories, such as search engines. General Internet searches often bring back too many "junk" results. Information from OpenDOAR enables search services to provide a more focussed search by selecting repositories that are of direct interest to the user - for example, all Australian repositories, or all repositories that hold conference papers on chemistry. OpenDOAR can also be used by researchers to discover their local institutions repository.

Each entry indicates whether archives hold research papers, conference papers, theses and other academic materials that are available as "open access". Some of these archives hold material on a single subject; others are based in universities and hold information from across many different subjects.

Each of the repositories listed in OpenDOAR have been visited by project staff to ensure accuracy and precision of the gathered information. This in-depth approach gives a quality-controlled list of repository features.

Each month around 23 new additions are made to OpenDOAR, and 7 suggestions are rejected, due to not meeting our inclusion criteria. These include being a journal site, not containing open access materials and requiring a subscription to access content. Our full criteria for inclusion can be found here:
Current development work is funded by JISC, with contributions from the CRC host organisation, the University of Nottingham.

About SHERPA Services

SHERPA Services are based at the Centre for Research Communications, University of Nottingham and maintain on behalf of the open access community a portfolio of services (RoMEO, JULIET and OpenDOAR)  related to Open Access and repository development.
The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) was formed in April 2009, to help to support and inform the changes and new ideas in the way that research is communicated around the world. The CRC houses a portfolio of open access projects and initiatives currently undertaken by the University of Nottingham.

>DSpace в БелГУ

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27th July 2011


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