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About RoMEO

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RoMEO is part of SHERPA Services based at the University of Nottingham. RoMEO has collaborative relationships with many international partners, who contribute time and effort to developing and maintaining the service. Current RoMEO development is funded by JISC. Past funders have included JISC, the Wellcome Trust and RLUK. We thank all our funders and contributors.

Journal information is kindly provided by

Publisher information is updated by our collaborative colleagues (e.g. SHERPA Partners, DINI, and Nereus) and through community contributions - Please submit any updates for a publisher using the link provided on their individual entry. If a publisher is not listed here you may wish to recommend that we include it. Please note that these listings refer to journal publications and not to book publications. Consult the publishing contract, or contact publishers directly for their self-archiving policies for book chapters.

Please note that general use of the terms pre-print and post-print can vary: these lists follow accepted definitions for self-archiving purposes. These listings are primarily for the use of the academic research community and any information given is from this perspective.

All information is correct to the best of our knowledge but should not be relied upon for legal advice.

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