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Publisher Categories in RoMEO

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These are the categories of publisher that are relevant to 'Experimental Mathematics'.

In general, the lowest category in the list below takes priority regarding copyright and policies.

Former Imprint

Definition: Imprint of a 'Former Publisher', where ownership has changed.
Case/E.g.: Practical Neurology had been published by the Blackwell Publishing imprint of Wiley-Blackwell, before ownership passed to BMJ Publishing.
Guidance: See also 'Imprint', and 'Sub-imprint' (which may be more suitable for societies).

Commercial Publisher (Publishing House)

Definition: A company that publishes for profit.
Case/E.g.: Springer Verlag
Guidance: Commercial publishers may both publish their own journals and publish journals on behalf of learned societies and other client organisations. They normally control the rights for their own journals, and may control the rights for the journals of client organisations. However, some client organisations retain their rights.

To view all the categories, please see the - Full List

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