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Update publisher copyright policies & self-archiving details

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Current Details Update
Publisher name * :Landes Bioscience
Publisher home URL:
Pre-print status: cross   author cannot archive pre-print (ie pre-refereeing)
Pre-print restrictions:(no restrictions)
Post-print status:tick   author can archive post-print (ie final draft post-refereeing)
Post-print restrictions:(no restrictions)
  • Authors final version only
  • On Institutional Repositories
  • Must link to publisher version
  • Published source must be acknowledged
  • Landes Bioscience will deposit in PubMed Central or Europe PMC within 6-12 months of publication, depending on funding agency policy
  • Embargoes on funding agency requirements, can be removed by payment of Open Access fee
  • Publisher's version/PDF cannot be used
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Notes on conditions & restrictions

Separate different conditions/restrictions with semi-colons. These are converted to bulleted lists when displayed.
Some standard phrases (for you to cut'n'paste) are included below:

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