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Título de revista ISSN ESSN Organizaciones asociadas
Journal of Advanced Academics 1932-202X 2162-9536 Prufrock Press
Journal of Asian and African Studies 0021-9096 1745-2538 -
Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 0003-0651 1941-2460 American Psychoanalytic Association
Japanese Clinical Medicine 1179-6707 - -
Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association 1078-3903 1532-5725 American Psychiatric Nurses Association
Journal of Adolescent Research 0743-5584 1552-6895 -
Journal of Business Communication 0021-9436 1552-4582 Association for Business Communication
Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 1868-4874 - Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Career Development 0894-8453 1556-0856 -
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 0891-2416 1552-5414 -
Journal of Communication Inquiry 0196-8599 1552-4612 Iowa Center for Communication Study
Journal of Child Neurology 0883-0738 1708-8283 -
Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1074-2484 1940-4034 -
Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation 1548-5129 1557-380X Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)
Journal of Dental Research 0022-0345 1544-0591 International and American Associations for Dental Research
JDR Clinical and Translational Research 2380-0844 2380-0852 Special Policy: 12 month Embargo
Journal of Early Adolescence 0272-4316 1552-5449 -
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 1076-9986 1935-1054 American Educational Research Association
Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 0973-4082 0973-4074 -
Journal of Hispanic Higher Education 1538-1927 1552-5716 American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research 1096-3480 1557-7554 International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education
Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care 2325-9574 2325-9582 Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
International Association of Providers of AIDS Care
Journal of the Intensive Care Society 1751-1437 - Special Policy: No SAGE Choice;
Intensive Care Society
Jindal Journal of Business Research 2278-6821 2321-0311 -
Journal of Literacy Research 1086-296X 1554-8430 Literacy Research Association;
Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Journal of Management Education 1052-5629 1552-6658 OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators
Journal of Mixed Methods Research 1558-6898 1558-6901 -
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 0967-0335 1751-6552 NIR Publications
Journal of Management 0149-2063 1557-1211 Southern Management Association
Journal of School Nursing 1059-8405 1546-8364 National Association of School Nurses
Journal for the Education of the Gifted 0162-3532 2162-9501 Council for Exceptional Children, Association for the Gifted;
Prufrock Press
Journal for the History of Astronomy 0021-8286 1753-8556 -
Journal for the Study of the New Testament 0142-064X 1745-5294 -
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 0309-0892 1476-6728 -
Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 0951-8207 1745-5286 -
Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance 0148-558X 2160-4061 New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Vincent C. Ross Institute
Journal of Adult and Continuing Education 1477-9714 1479-7194 Manchester University Press
Journal of Aging and Health 0898-2643 1552-6887 -
Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology 1748-3018 1748-3026 Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
Multi-Science Publishing
Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 0021-8863 1552-6879 NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science
Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional Materials - 2280-8000 Italian Society for Biomaterials (SIB);
National Interuniversity Consortium for Materials Science and Technology (INSTM);
Italian Association for Materials Engineering (AIMAT);
Journal of Applied Gerontology 0733-4648 1552-4523 Southern Gerontological Society
Journal of Applied Social Science 1936-7244 1937-0245 Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
Journal of Asthma and Allergy Educators 2150-1297 2150-1300 Association of Asthma Educators
Journal of Attention Disorders 1087-0547 1557-1246 -
Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers 0883-9115 1530-8030 -
Journal of Biological Rhythms 0748-7304 1552-4531 Society for Research on Biological Rhythms
Journal of Biomaterials Applications 0885-3282 1530-8022 -
Journal of Biomolecular Screening 1087-0571 1552-454X Society for Biomolecular Sciences
Journal of Black Psychology 0095-7984 1552-4558 -
Journal of Black Studies 0021-9347 1552-4566 -
Journal of Building Physics 1744-2591 1744-2583 International Association of Building Physics (IABF)
Journal of Business and Technical Communication 1050-6519 1552-4574 Iowa State University
Journal of Career Assessment 1069-0727 1552-4590 -
Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership 1555-4589 - University Council for Educational Administration
Journal of Cell Death - 1179-0660 -
Journal of Cellular Plastics 0021-955X 1530-7999 -
Journal of Central Nervous System Disease - 1179-5735 -
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 0271-678X 1559-7016 International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
Journal of Child Health Care 1367-4935 1741-2889 Association of British Paediatric Nurses
Journal of Circulating Biomarkers - 1849-4544 Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
Journal of Classical Sociology 1468-795X 1741-2897 -
Journal of Clinical Pharmacology [Now published elsewhere] 0091-2700 1552-4604 American College of Clinical Pharmacology;
Special Policy: 12 months
Journal of Clinical Urology 2051-4158 2051-4166 -
Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making 1555-3434 - Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Journal of Collective Negotiations 2167-7816 2167-7824 Baywood Publishing
Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory and Practice 1521-0251 1541-4167 Baywood Publishing
Journal of Commonwealth Literature 0021-9894 1741-6442 -
Journal of Comorbidity - 2235-042X Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
Swiss Medical Press GmbH
Journal of Composite Materials 0021-9983 1530-793X American Society for Composites
Journal of Computational Multiphase Flows 1757-482X 1757-4838 Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
Multi-Science Publishing
Journal of Concussion - 2059-7002 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Conflict Resolution 0022-0027 1552-8766 Peace Science Society (International)
Journal of Connectivity - 2058-7473 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Consumer Culture 1469-5405 1741-2900 -
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 1043-9862 1552-5406 -
Journal of Contemporary History 0022-0094 1461-7250 -
Journal of Correctional Health Care 1078-3458 1940-5200 National Commission on Correctional Health Care
Journal of Creative Communications 0973-2586 0973-2594 -
Journal of Criminal Law 0022-0183 1740-5580 Vathek Publishing
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 0022-0221 1552-5422 International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 1868-4882 - Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Dental Biomechanics - 1758-7360 Special Policy: Creative Commons Attribution;
SAGE-Hindawi Access to Research
Journal of Developing Societies 0169-796X 1745-2546 -
Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology - 1932-2968 -
Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography 8756-4793 1552-5430 Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Journal of Disability Policy Studies 1044-2073 1538-4802 Hammill Institute on Disabilities
Journal of Drug Education 0047-2379 1541-4159 Baywood Publishing
Journal of Drug Issues 0022-0426 - Florida State University
Journal of Early Childhood Literacy 1468-7984 1741-2919 -
Journal of Early Childhood Research 1476-718X 1741-2927 -
Journal of Early Intervention 1053-8151 2154-3992 Division for Early Childhood-CEC
Journal of Educational Computing Research 0735-6331 1541-4140 Baywood Publishing
Journal of Educational Technology Systems 0047-2395 1541-3810 Baywood Publishing
Journal of Elastomers and Plastics 0095-2443 1530-8006 -
Journal of Emerging Market Finance 0972-6527 0973-0710 -
Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 1063-4266 1538-4799 Hammill Institute on Disabilities
Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics 1556-2646 1556-2654 Special Policy: 12 month Embargo;
University of California Press
Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders 2036-282X 2035-9969 European Endometriosis League (EEL);
Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders (SEUD);
Journal of Endovascular Therapy 1526-6028 1545-1550 -
Journal of English Linguistics 0075-4242 1552-5457 -
Journal of Entrepreneurship 0971-3557 0973-0745 -
Journal of Environment and Development 1070-4965 1552-5465 -
Journal of Environmental Systems 0047-2433 1541-3802 Baywood Publishing
Journal of Eurasian Studies 1879-3665 1879-3673 Hanyang University;
Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of European Social Policy 0958-9287 1461-7269 -
Journal of European Studies 0047-2441 1740-2379 -
Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2156-5872 2156-5899 -
Journal of Experiential Education 1053-8259 2169-009X Association for Experiential Education
Journal of Experimental Neuroscience - 1179-0695 -
Journal of Experimental Psychopathology 2043-8087 - Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
Journal of Family History 0363-1990 1552-5473 -
Journal of Family Issues 0192-513X 1552-5481 -
Journal of Family Nursing 1074-8407 1552-549X -
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 1098-612X 1532-2750 International Society of Feline Medicine;
American Association of Feline Practitioners;
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports - 2055-1169 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Fire Protection Engineering 1042-3915 1532-172X Society of Fire Protection Engineers
Journal of Fire Sciences 0734-9041 1530-8049 -
Journal of General Management 0306-3070 1759-6106 -
Journal of Generic Medicines 1741-1343 1741-7090 -
Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology 0891-9887 1552-5708 -
Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume) 1753-1934 2043-6289 British Society for Surgery of the Hand;
Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand
Journal of Health and Social Behavior 0022-1465 2150-6000 American Sociological Association
Journal of Health Management 0972-0634 0973-0729 -
Journal of Health Psychology 1359-1053 1461-7277 -
Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 1355-8196 1758-1060 Royal Society of Medicine Press
Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 0022-1554 1551-5044 Histochemical Society
Journal of Holistic Nursing 0898-0101 1552-5724 American Holistic Nurses Association
Journal of Human Lactation 0890-3344 1552-5732 International Lactation Consultant Association
Journal of Human Values 0971-6858 0973-0737 -
Journal of Humanistic Psychology 0022-1678 1552-650X Association for Humanistic Psychology
Journal of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Screening 2326-4098 2326-4594 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society 0301-5742 0974-9098 Special Policy: Creative Commons Attribution
Journal of Industrial Relations 0022-1856 1472-9296 Industrial Relations Society of Australia;
Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association
Journal of Industrial Textiles 1528-0837 1530-8057 -
Journal of Infection Prevention 1757-1774 1757-1782 Infection Prevention Society
Journal of Information Science 0165-5515 1741-6485 Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)
Journal of Information Technology 0268-3962 1466-4437 Association for Information Technology Trust
Journal of Infrastructure Development 0974-9306 0975-5969 -
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 1744-6295 1744-6309 -
Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 1045-389X 1530-8138 -
Journal of Intensive Care Medicine 0885-0666 1525-1489 -
Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics 0260-1079 - -
Journal of International Life Science Research - 2058-7481 Special Policy: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial
Journal of International Marketing 1069-031X 1547-7215 American Marketing Association
Journal of International Medical Research 0300-0605 1473-2300 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of International Political Theory 1755-0882 1755-1722 Edinburgh University Press
Journal of Interpersonal Violence 0886-2605 1552-6518 -
Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports 2324-7096 - Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR)
Journal of Laboratory Automation 2211-0682 1540-2452 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening;
Journal of Land and Rural Studies 2321-0249 - -
Journal of Language and Social Psychology 0261-927X 1552-6526 -
Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 1073-1105 1748-720X American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics;
Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 1548-0518 1939-7089 Midwest Academy of Management
Journal of Learning Disabilities 0022-2194 1538-4780 Hammill Institute on Disabilities
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 0961-0006 1741-6477 -
Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control 0263-0923 2048-4046 Special Policy: Creative Commons Attribution;
Multi-Science Publishing
Journal of Macromarketing 0276-1467 1552-6534 Macromarketing Society
Journal of Management Inquiry 1056-4926 1552-6542 Western Academy of Management
Journal of Marketing 0022-2429 1547-7185 -
Journal of Marketing Education 0273-4753 1552-6550 Marketing Educators' Association
Journal of Material Culture 1359-1835 1460-3586 -
Journal of Medical Biography 0967-7720 1758-1087 Royal Society of Medicine Press
Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development - 2382-1205 -
Journal of Medical Marketing 1745-7904 1745-7912 -
Journal of Medical Screening 0969-1413 1475-5793 Medical Screening Society;
Royal Society of Medicine Press
Journal of Modern European History - 1611-8944 -
Journal of Music Teacher Education 1057-0837 1945-0079 MENC: The National Association for Music Education and Society for Music Teacher Education
Journal of Neuroimaging [Now published elsewhere] 1051-2284 1552-6569 American Society of Neuroimaging
Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice 1078-1552 1477-092X International Society for Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP)
Journal of Orthodontics 1465-3125 1465-3133 British Orthodontic Society
Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation 2210-4917 2210-4925 Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association;
Hong Kong College of Orthopaedic Surgeons;
Special Policy: Creative Commons Attribution
Journal of Patient Experience - 2374-3743 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Patient Safety and Risk Management 2516-0435 2516-0443 -
Journal of Peace Research 0022-3433 1460-3578 Peace Research Institute Oslo
Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing 1043-4542 1532-8457 Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses (APHON)
Journal of Perioperative Practice 1750-4589 2515-7949 -
Journal of Pharmacy Practice 0897-1900 1531-1937 New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists
Journal of Planning Education and Research 0739-456X 1552-6577 Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
Journal of Planning History 1538-5132 1552-6585 Society for American City and Regional Planning History
Journal of Planning Literature 0885-4122 1552-6593 Ohio State University
Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting 8756-0879 1530-8014 -
Journal of Politics in Latin America 1868-4890 - Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 1098-3007 1538-4772 Hammill Institute on Disabilities;
Association for Positive Behavior Support
Journal of Primary Care and Community Health 2150-1319 2150-1327 -
Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment 0734-2829 1557-5144 -
Journal of Psychopharmacology 0269-8811 1461-7285 British Association for Psychopharmacology
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 0743-9156 1547-7207 American Marketing Association
Journal of Recreational Mathematics 0022-412X - Baywood Publishing
Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering - 2055-6683 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 0731-6844 1530-7964 American Society for Composites
Journal of Reproductive Biotechnology and Fertility - 2058-9158 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 0022-4278 1552-731X School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers, Newark
Journal of Research in International Education 1475-2409 1741-2943 -
Journal of Research in Music Education 0022-4294 1945-0095 MENC: The National Association for Music Education
Journal of Research in Nursing 1744-9871 1744-988X -
Journal of Research on Leadership Education 1942-7751 - University Council for Educational Administration
Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials 1099-6362 1530-7972 American Society for Composites
Journal of Scleroderma and Related Disorders 2397-1983 2397-1991 World Scleroderma Foundation;
European Scleroderma Trials and Research Group (EUSTAR);
Journal of Service Research 1094-6705 1552-7379 University of Maryland, Center for Excellence in Service
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty - 2471-5492 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 0265-4075 1460-3608 International Association for Relationship Research (IARR)
Journal of Social Archaeology 1469-6053 1741-2951 -
Journal of Social Work 1468-0173 1741-296X -
Journal of Sociology 1440-7833 1741-2978 Australian Sociological Association
Journal of South Asian Development 0973-1741 0973-1733 -
Journal of Special Education 0022-4669 1538-4764 Hammill Institute on Disabilities;
Division for Research-CEC
Journal of Sport and Social Issues 0193-7235 1552-7638 Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society
Journal of Sports Economics 1527-0025 1552-7794 -
Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design 0309-3247 2041-3130 Professional Engineering Publishing (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
Journal of Studies in International Education 1028-3153 1552-7808 Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC);
Association for Studies in International Education (ASIE)
Journal of Teacher Education 0022-4871 1552-7816 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE)
Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 0047-2816 1541-3780 Baywood Publishing
Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 1357-633X 1758-1109 Austrian Scientific Society of Telemedicine (ASSTeH);
Danish Society for Clinical Telemedicine (DSCT);
Finnish Society of Telemedicine (FST);
International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISTeH);
Nordic Telemedicine Association (NTA);
Dutch Association of eHealth (NVEH);
Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (SSTM);
Royal Society of Medicine, Telemedicine and eHealth Forum;
Royal Society of Medicine Press
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science [Now published elsewhere] 0092-0703 1552-7824 Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of The Association for Laboratory Automation 1535-5535 - Association for Laboratory Automation;
Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1470-3203 1752-8976 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 0141-0768 1758-1095 Royal Society of Medicine Press
Journal of Theoretical Politics 0951-6298 1460-3667 -
Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 0892-7057 1530-7980 American Society for Composites
Journal of Tissue Engineering 2041-7314 2041-7314 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Journal of Transcultural Nursing 1043-6596 1552-7832 Transcultural Nursing Society
Journal of Transformative Education 1541-3446 1552-7840 American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
Journal of Transport History 0022-5266 - Manchester University Press
Journal of Travel Research 0047-2875 1552-6763 Travel and Tourism Research Association
Journal of Urban History 0096-1442 1552-6771 Urban History Association
Journal of Vacation Marketing 1356-7667 1479-1870 -
Journal of Vascular Access - 1724-6032 Vascular Access Society;
Vascular Access Society of the Americas;
Vascular Access Society of Britain & Ireland;
Australian Vascular Access Society;
Japanese Society for Dialysis Access;
Korean Society for Dialysis Access;
WoCoVA - World Congress Vascular Access;
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 1040-6387 1943-4936 American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians
Journal of Vibration and Control 1077-5463 1741-2986 -
Journal of Visual Culture 1470-4129 1741-2994 -
Journal of Workplace Rights 1938-4998 1938-5005 Baywood Publishing
Journalism 1464-8849 1741-3001 -
Journalism and Communication Monographs 1522-6379 2161-4342 -
Journalism and Mass Communication Educator 1077-6958 2161-4326 -
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 1077-6990 2161-430X Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
JRSM Cardiovascular Disease - 2048-0040 Special Policy: Open Access Titles;
London Cardiovascular Society;
Royal Society of Medicine Press
JRSM Open - 2054-2704 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
JRSM Short Reports - 2042-5333 Royal Society of Medicine Press
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